Paneltim Penning System

Paneltim® panels are made of Polypropylene copolymer (PP copo) and are resistant to practically all chemical substances and to dynamic shocks.

Sandwich construction 50mm thick:

  • Paneltim panels® are very rigid in both length and width, due to the internal cell structure with a cellular structure of 50/50 mm or 50/100 mm.
  • Standard sizes can be cut and welded to form panels of almost any size.

The panels are virtually everlasting:

  • No discolouration even in contact with ammonia in comparison with other plastics.


  • Paneltim® panels can be produced from virgin or recycled polypropylene and are 100% recyclable with no loss of raw material value.
  • The panels are free of toxic substances in accordance with European directive 2002/95/EC.

Applications in agricultural buildings:

  • The Paneltim® panels can perfectly be installed as divisions, pen doors, walls, personal doors, etc.


  • Black – Product code: F1150
  • Grey – Product code: F1151
  • Blue – Product code: F1152
  • Terracotta – Product code: F1153
  • White    – Product code: F1154

Standard sizes:

  • 800mm x 51mm (Height)
  • 1000mm x 51mm (Height)
  • 1200MM X 51mm (Height)
  • Panel length as per customer order
  • Room dividing walls can be manufactured in exact shape & size required even allowing for the ceiling pitch
  • Wall dividing panel can be used for supporting the ceiling

Finrone Paneltim panels detailed

Paneltim penning system 1

Paneltim penning system 3

Paneltim penning system 2

To Order:

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