Nursery Penning System

Nusery penning 3

Nusery penning 2

Silver grey PVC Penning Board

  • Manufactured in Germany
  • 750mm x 35mm for Nursery & grower pigs 7-50kg
  • Stock lengths are 6 meters
  • Easy for washing and cleaning
  • Long lifespan
  • Product code: F1143

Stainless Steel fabricated penning post & supports (75cm)

  • Manufactured in 304 stainless steel by our Engineering department
  • Full penning design & specification by our technical department
  • Flexible and bespoke
  • Installation & fitting service provided by on site team
  • Full project quotations & drawings provided
  • Complete with stainless steel bolts & floor fixing anchor bolts
  • It can be integrated with wet feeding trough or wet & dry feeders where the pigs feed from 2 sides

Posts and Supports Available:

Wall Channel nusery penning

Wall Channel

  • Product code: F1144

Back to back support post nursery penning

Back to back support post

  • Product code: F1145

centre aisle post nursery penning

Centre Aisle Post

  • Product code: F1146

door end post nursery penning

Door end post

  • Product code: F1147

set of gate ends nursery penningset of gate ends nursery penning

Set of gate ends

  • Product code: F1148

set of gaten end hndles nursery penningset of gaten end hndles nursery penning

Set of gate handles

  • Product code: F1149


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