GRP Roofing & Cladding Sheets

GRP roof and cladding sheets offer a high quality and flexible roof sheeting solution with a long lifespan. Made from high quality polyester resins and glassfibre reinforcements, they add high mechanical strength properties to the product. Sheets can be made to order up to 13 meters long and from 1.5mm to 6mm thick according required application and profile.

  • Manufactured to required customer lengths up to 13m long with a wide range of profiles available.
  • All types of farm buildings especially pig and poultry housing due to non corrosive qualities.
  • Industrial Buildings, Factories & Warehouses especially on exposed to corrosive fumes for example salt & fertilizer factories, paper mills and petrochemical & chemical plants.
  • Renovation, Re-cladding and over-sheeting of old metal or asbestos roofing.

Installation of the Duraser Sheets has proven to require 25% of the time for fitting big 6 fibre cement a 2.3mm sheet has the been structural as the same as big six but only weighs around 30% of the big six fibre cement sheet. The sheeting is fixed to the timbers by Screwing directly to the sheets without pre drilling.

Due to the lightweight and structurally strong properties of Duraser, sheeting construction costs can be reduced since they do not require a heavy structure to carry the roofs weight.

Duraser sheeting requires no maintenance, are resistant to corrosion and have a low thermal conductivity making it a leading roofing product now been used worldwide in many applications.

  • Available in Different Profiles including big six box and profile 3 corrugated
  • Duraser comes in any range of Ral colours to suit any customer’s requirement with Grey, Dark Grey, Green, Brown and Blue being commonly used.
  • The standard thicknesses to suit most applications are from 1.5 to 3mm but it can be produced up to 6mm for special projects.
  • Its service temperature is between -40°C to +120°C with a heat transmission coeff of ~5W/m°K
  • All types of accessories are available for the Duraser ridge capping, corner pieces and gutters.
  • The Sheets are produced according to ordered lengths reducing waste and saving time on installations.



















































































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