Drik-O-Mat Bowl Drinkers

The best economy on the long term

  • Strong and durable construction
  • Heavy thickness of material and bend edges
  • Hygienic: Closed edge and bend design prevent dirt and feed remnants accumulation
  • Good water economy and low quantity of slurry
  • It releases only the amount of water that is actually drunk
NameCapacityMounting Height
Mini20 Weaners120 mm
Standard20 Finishers250 mm
Multi20 Weaners120 mm
20 Finishers120 mm
10 Sows350 mm
Maxi10 Sows350 mm

DRIK-O-MAT® maxi Finrone systems ltd

DRIK-O-MAT® maxi

  • Drik-o-mat® maxi
  • Drik-o-mat® maxi with long pipe
  • Drik-o-mat® maxi with water circulation
  • Product code: F1168

DRIK-O-MAT® Multi finrone systems ltd


  • Drik-o-mat® multi
  • Drik-o-mat® multi with long pipe
  • Drik-o-mat® multi with water circulation
  • Product code: F1169

DRIK-O-MAT® Standard finrone systems ltd

DRIK-O-MAT® Standard

  • Drik-o-mat® standard
  • Drik-o-mat® standard with long pipe
  • Drik-o-mat® standard with watercirculation
  • Product code: F1170

DRIK-O-MAT® Mini finrone systems ltd


  • Drik-o-mat® mini
  • Drik-o-mat® mini with long pipe
  • Product code: F1171



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