Welsh College project completed by Finrone Systems featured in Pig World’s Building Supplement

Welsh College project completed by Finrone Systems featured in Pig World’s Building Supplement

Nestled in the heart of Glynllifon College, Wales, is a new state-of-the-art pig facility that is said to be the first of its kind in the UK.

From the outside, the building appears much like a normal pig unit, but what makes this project unique is that, within its walls is the first all-under-one-roof pig house, designed by Finrone Systems Ltd. The 610 sq.m house was only officially opened to the public in November, when 50 attendees were given a first glimpse inside the facility. It has attracted attention among the Welsh agricultural community and was featured on local agricultural television programme Ffermio.

Farm hygiene is at the forefront of this 40-sow unit: a clean area with changing facilities meets visitors upon arrival, for example. Here, the college works with Welsh breed pigs and trials will include crossbreeding to introduce favourable traits to the line. Keeping pigs healthy during this is an important factor, and biosecurity plays an important role across the site.

It would be an understatement to call the facility modern. The interior has been finished with the highest quality materials and Finrone Systems has introduced the latest farming technology to each element of the building, from farrowing to finishing.

The construction was built to last. As a working farm, it needs to perform but also needs to stand the test of time as it will be used as a training facility for future pig farmers, helping educate students about modern farming techniques and practices in pig husbandry. As such, Finrone has included two of its latest systems on the unit – both of which are firsts in the UK.

The ERRA Evofeed is an automatic dry sow feeding system that uses photocell technology, rather than tags. It is a simple and effective system and pigs using the feeder at the unit are content and quiet in their group pen.

Finrone Systems chose this feeder for the project after extensive research with Spanish company ERRA.

The system is used with more than 50,000 sows in Spain and results have been exceptionally promising.

The second system introduced features CTI’s touch control units with ventilation and climate control. This system offers an easy-to-use touch interface and cloud-based software, allowing farm managers to monitor changes from their offices and students to view and learn about the unit in class.

Glynllifon farm manager Rhodri Owen said: “We now have the infrastructure to produce pork efficiently without any concerns regarding the control of the pigs’ environment. The unit will inspire a new generation of livestock producers to consider pig production as an add-on venture to current family farm units in North West Wales.”

On the future of pig farming in Wales, he added: “Alongside Farming Connect and the Welsh Government, we see a bright future for pig farming in this area as an alternative enterprise that can provide increased turnover and output for family farms without the need to invest heavily in land.”

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Credit: Pig World, www.pig-world.co.uk

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