Finrone Systems to attend Pigs 2022 – The Opportunities

Finrone Systems are delighted to announce attendance at Pigs 2022: The Opportunities

The event hosted by Pig World and AHDB Pork will consist of a two-day conference this summer that will take an in-depth look at what the next five years holds for the pig industry.

‘Pigs 2022: The Opportunities will take place in Solihull on June 6 and 7, bringing together a high quality and diverse list of speakers to address some of the big questions facing the pig sector.

  • Where will we be in five years? What steps do we need to take along the way to ensure a sustainable and profitable industry in 2022?
  • What can the major pig producing countries learn from each other? And what can we all learn from other industries?
  • How can we encourage closer working relations along the supply chain?
  • And how can we foster, and then make practical use of, innovation to help meet the considerable challenges ahead?

Day One will be dedicated to the International Outlook Conference, looking very much at the global picture, with invited guests from all over the world. We already have speakers lined up from the UK, Danish and US pig industries, with more to be added to that list.

Day Two, the Innovation Conference, will be free to attend to all English levy payers and will address some of those big issues looming large for the pig industry – the global drive to reduce antibiotics and related health and welfare challenges, Brexit, meeting ever-changing consumer demands and the drive for efficiency in a highly competitive global market.

There will be high level presentations from influential industry figures and plenty of time for debate and comment from the floor.

The conference will also dig down into the detail, with breakout sessions looking in depth at how the sector can benefit from innovation in areas like animal health and welfare, hygiene and pig buildings.

And across both days, there will be ample opportunity for people from all parts of the pig industry to network, socialise and enjoy themselves!


Pigs 2022: The Opportunities – key details 

When: June 6 and 7

Where: St Johns Hotel, Solihull, centrally located in the country and convenient for Birmingham International Airport and Railway station and the M42

Day One: International Outlook Conference and dinner – with invited guests from all over the world

Day Two: Innovation Conference, free to attend to all English levy payers

The programme: Details of speakers will be unveiled over the coming months.

How to book: To book, you need to register on from early February