New Autumn Offer – 40% Off Multi Drinking Cups

Ensuring your livestock get the right amount of water is vital to their development. With the Multi Drinking Cup, now included in our Autumn offer, there is no better way. 

This versatile drinker, molded from stainless steel offers exceptional durability and is finished in a hygienic closed folded edge design. It economically provides only the water required and most importantly, is suitable for weaners, finishers and sows. 

The Multi Drinking Cup gives a number of unique advantages:

  • Strong and durable construction: heavy thickness of material with folded edges
  • Hygienic: closed edges and folded design prevent dirt and feed remnants accumulating
  • Economical for water usage helping to reduce slurry quantity: it releases only the amount of water necessary for drinking at the time

Multi is suitable for pig types of:

  • 30 Weaners
  • 20 Finishers
  • 10 Sows

Limited Availability

40% OFF – NOW £16.50 (ex VAT)

To Order:

Call 028 7134 3495 or email

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