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Finrone Systems Ltd has over 25 years experience in the fabrication and manufacturing industry.

Recent expansion of our engineering capabilities means we are now pleased to offer an extended range of services including high precision metal cutting using our newly installed laser machine, plasma cutting, press brake folding, guillotine cutting, sheet and channel rolling, metal punching, pipe and tube bending and MIG & TIG welding. For bespoke queries our CAD design team is on hand for consultation and drawings.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting at Finrone Systems

Laser cutting works by directing a laser beam onto metal for cutting or engraving, producing very fine detail with an accuracy of 0.5mm. The advantage of laser cutting over conventional mechanical cutting is that there is no contamination because there is no cutting edge.

We are offering a local service for industrial metal cutting. Using high pressure cutting, we offer oxide and burr free laser precision processing with unlimited contouring freedom which is ideal for stainless steel profiling. Parts can be programmed quickly and accurately from scratch or from your own drawings, in preparation for the component to be laser cut*.

*We accept various file formats.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting at Finrone Systems

For projects that do not require a high precision finish, we can offer cost effect CNC Plasma cutting on sheets of up to 15mm. At Finrone Systems Ltd we utilise a Burny 1250 Plus CNC Plasma Cutter to perform high quality, efficient cutting. Our plasma cutter is capable of cutting metals up to 15mm in thickness. Sheets of up to 3000mm x 1500mm can be cut with deburring included. Plasma cutting is suitable for a wide range of conductive metals including mild-steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Press Brake Folding

Press Brake Folding at Finrone Systems

Finrone Systems Ltd engineering department can offer additional press brake folding service for all your shaping needs. Our experienced team can advise on the shape required for metals up to 10mm in thickness. We guarantee an unbeatable level of precision and versatility. No matter what you need – single part, prototype or large production run – we can deliver it with an unrivalled level of attention to detail.

Guillotine Cutting

Guillotine Cutting at Finrone Systems

Finrone Systems engineering department can offer additional guillotine cutting service for all your cutting needs. Our experienced team can advise on the cutting options for metals up to 10mm in thickness.

Sheet & Channel Rolling

Sheet and Channel Rolling at Finrone Systems

The DAVI MCA Roller can offer customers perfectly rolled angles or straight sheets for a range of metals including stainless steel. Our rolling machine can roll sheets of up to 1500mm in width, 8mm in thickness and prebending thickness of 6mm.

We also have a Comac profile bending machine capable of rolling

  • Channel 100×50 and 120×55
  • Angle iron 70×40 and 80×40
  • Box section of various shapes up to 80mm
  • U beam 120×58
  • T beams 70x70x8 – 90x90x10

Pipe & Tube Bending

Pipe and Tube Bending at Finrone Systems

Our pipe and tube bending machines have the capacity for tubing of ⌀1/2″ to  ⌀2.0″. We can bend materials including copper, mild steel and stainless steel. Hydraulically programmed for repeatability. We also offer a service for more bespoke jobs of up to 100mm in diameter.

Metal Punching

Metal Punching at Finrone Systems

We provide metal punching for a range of shapes, suitable for metal workpieces. The size of the hole punch depends on the customer’s requirements. The process involves forcing a steel punch into a sheet of metal. Metal punching is available to customers for both circular and oblong punching up to 25mm long. Punching is suitable for sheets up to 5mm in thickness and for both stainless and mild steel metals.

MIG & TIG Welding

Tig Welding at Finrone Systems

Our engineering team have many years of experience in all welding applications. Our engineering and welding capabilities allow us to offer bespoke products in mild and stainless steel. Our team have the skills and knowledge to create quality finished products. We have several fully operational welding stations offering MIG & TIG welding, bespoke fabrication and heavy engineering fabrication.

CAD Design & Consultation

CAD Design and Consultation at Finrone Systems

At Finrone Systems Ltd we offer a full turnkey solution for any of your engineering and fabrication needs. We offer the latest CAD (Computer-aided design) and consultation services to all our customers for all aspects of design at competitive prices. CAD can create a technical drawing that ensures a customer is happy with what will be manufactured for them.  Our team can guide you on the best options available. Our engineering team are available to discuss any project details to ensure a smooth transition from design to manufacture.

Quality & Improvements

Finrone Systems Ltd’s emphasis is on quality, using the latest innovative technology and manufacturing solutions. Our aim is complete customer satisfaction, from the manufacturing process to the end product. We take pride in delivering quality and excellence of service throughout our entire operations, no matter how small or complex your fabrication requirement may be.

We are currently in the process of gaining ISO9001:2015 Accreditation and should have completed the process by year end.

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