Finrone Maximiser Crate & Accessories

  • Heavy duty 83 kg galvanised finger design crate which allow the piglets to maximise suckling of the sow
  • The crate design reduces mortality rate to low levels and produces heavier piglets at weaning
  • Our especially designed stainless steel trough has a rounded bottom which eliminates corners hence avoiding stale feed getting settled into the trough making it more hygienic
  • Different trough options include the popular split trough & pressure valve system used in over 3000 crates throughout Ireland & UK.


Maximiser crate with stainless steel trough

  • Finrone Maximiser Crate with Stainless Steel trough and brackets for water pipe and nipple, option for left and righ handed drinker
  • Left side product code: F1001
  • Right side product code: F1002

Maximiser crate with split stainless steel trough


  • Finrone Maximiser Crate with split stainless steel trough and brackets for water pipe and nipple, option for left & right handed drinker.
  • Left side product code: F1003
  • Right side product code: F1004

Farrowing layout with no passage

  • Farrowing layout available with no passage
  • Finrone Maximiser Crate come with double stainless steel trough suitable where sows are head to head and using wet feed
  • Product code: F1005

Stainless steel fixation set 2 Stainless steel fixation set

Stainless Steel Fixation Set

  • For securing the farrowing crate on slatted flooring where it hold the support beam , slats & crate together.
  • Product code: F1006

half inch stainless steel water pipe

½” Stainless Steel Water Pipe

  • Complete with farrowing crate, nose, drinking nipple & 2 fixing u-bolts.
  • Product code: F1007

Rotecna Pressure Valve

Rotecna Pressure Valve

  • Product Code: F1008

Stainless Steel Pipe 1000mm

  • Product code: F1009

Suevia Pressure Drinking Valves

Suevia Pressure Drinking Valves

  • Product code: F1010




Product No: F1000

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