Introducing the Portapig Rescue House

The Portapig Rescue House is the ideal solution for small weaned piglets or rescuing piglets from large litters.

A Portapig Rescue House can give you the flexibility of side tracking your smaller piglets at weaning to give them the high quality feed and care which enables them to re-join the weaning batches at a heavier weight. This can dramatically reduce your weaner mortality and reduce the number of days these smaller piglets take to achieve slaughter weight.

As piglet litter sizes have increased with improved breeding and genetics, rearing these extra piglets to reach the average daily weight gains and ensuring mortality rates do not rise has become a challenge for many producers.

Finrone Systems Limited Portapig Rescue House

Recent improvements in milk replacements has allowed piglets to be raised away from the sow from day 3 or 4. This means that piglets can be weaned from the sow at an early age and reared on their own whilst being fed milk replacer or a high performance creep.

The new Portapig Rescue House (pictured above) from Finrone Systems was recently installed at a pig farm in Holsworthy. In this specially designed house, the smaller piglets at weaning have been side-tracked and fed on high quality creep as a gruel through the Weda Pig Runner transition feeder. The building is split into eight pens. Each of these pens hold 40 piglets that use heat pads for comfort.

Finrone Systems Limited Portapig Rescue House2

Results have shown great performance in the piglets that have been put in the Portapig Rescue House. Piglets enter the house at 4kg and over the space of two weeks gain around 5 kg. They can re-join the main weaner groups at around 9 to 10 kg in weight.

The Portapig Rescue Houses can be built as a single or double unit up to 27m in length, to suit your farm’s requirement. The houses are available with a wide range of feeders and fully customised to meet your requirements.

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