New Silo Weight Management System from CTI Control Now Available

The new Silow® system from CTI Control offers a simple and effective way to manage the amount of feed in farm silos. Cloud access over WiFi is available on a wide range of devices including PC, Android and iOS.

The unique system can provide alerts when feed is low, can indicate problems with livestock health and helps reduce time spent required on-site.

The included software provides a full history and statistics of consumption so feed can be monitored over months or years.

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– The SW models silos weighing equipments.
– They allow to make statistics of the last 120 days of feed consumption.
– They allow to control the historic of loads of feed in the silo.
– They have 2 relays; the second relay is for alarm, for example in case of less feed quantity charged, and the first relay might be use to stop the feeding line during the silo loading to obtain a higher accuracy for the silo loading.
– The entries of 12 volts of DC are used to supply power to the system with a battery or with solar panels.
– The temperature probe measures the temperature where the SW is located.
– The equipments can send information for the control of the feed consumption to the SILOWS® system.
– To weigh the silos the SW equipment use a summing box where are connected the load cells.
– The SW1 and SW2 require a communication central CT1 to send data to the SILOWS® system.
– The SW200 includes a modem 2G to send by itself the data.