Evofeed automatic dry sow feeder – The simple and effective solution

The ERRA Evofeed is revolutionary – a system that does not rely on tags and is easy to setup and maintain. Utilising an intelligent light beam and maximising on pigs natural instincts, Evofeed can bring harmony to dry sow groups.

We have now installed the Evofeed system in some UK farms and feedback to date has been excellent. With over 50,000 sows using the system in Spain, we are sure UK customers can also benefit from ERRA’s simple and effective solution.

New video is on the way soon showing a closer look at the system in use. Meanwhile we have some video, taken by our team, available to view.

For more information about the system, or to discuss seeing the system in use yourself, contact us on 028 7134 3495 or email info@finronesystems.com.