Turnkey Buildings for the Pig and Poultry Sector

Finrone Systems Turnkey Solutions

We offer a full turnkey package including:

  1. Site clearance and earthworks
  2. Concrete base works and slurry pit
  3. Shed erection
  4. Penning
  5. Feeders and internal fittings
  6. Plumbing and electrics
  7. Computerised ventilation & climate control systems
  8. Wide range of automatic feeding systems

Turnkey Features

  • Buildings are erected on site with wall panel sections up to 7 metres long and 2.5 metres high which support the clear span of the roof
  • Ceilings and roof are supplied to suit different building design & ventilation systems
  • We can offer customers the option to construct the buildings themselves or use local building contractors with our Kit Building package, which includes a full set of construction drawings
  • Design options available for multiple rooms and all stages of pig production
  • Finrone Systems Australia supply interior equipment from leading suppliers including penning, feeders and ventilation systems
  • We can offer customers supply only, assisted assembly or a full turn-key solution
  • We can supply a steel frame for wider houses or timber truss buildings
  • We cover every step of your project to ensure it meets your specific requirements and needs

New Products Now Available in Australia

Portapig Rescue House

Reduce Weaner Mortality Rates By Up To 70% with the Portapig Rescue House.

  • The Portapig Rescue House gives you the flexibility of side tracking your smaller piglets at weaning to give them the high quality feed and care which enables them to re-join the weaning batches at a heavier weight
  • Ventilation systems designed with young and vulnerable piglets in mind
  • Piglets enter the house at 4kg and over the space of two weeks gain around 5kg
  • Mortality rates of piglets to be reduced by up to 60-70%, increasing productivity
  • Can be built as a single or double unit up to 12m in length and 5.2m wide, to suit your farm’s requirement
  • Operational within 3 days from arrival onsite
  • Designed to fit into a container for shipping worldwide
Portapig Rescue House From Finrone Systems Ltd - Reduce Weaner Mortality By Up To 70%

CTI Silows®

CTI Control bring a new and simple way of managing the silos on your farm using the latest cloud based technology. Features include:

  • Silo management from anywhere in world using cloud based technology
  • Allows you to make statistics of the last 120 days of feed consumption
  • Allows you to record and verify the weight of loads of feed delivered into the silos
  • System can send an alarm via wifi or telephone if a feed irregularity occurs
  • Allows you to view farm feed consumption in an area very accurately
  • Gives the ability to measure actual against targeted feed consumption
  • Can help to identify animal illness due to feed intake drops or alert you to feed system failures
  • Ideal to help manage third party sites and helps identify poor performing farms and buildings
  • Can be retrofit on existing silos
CTI Control - Silow system - Now available from Finrone Systems Limited

ERRA Evofeed Automatic Dry Pig Feeders

  • Revolutionary new system to Australia for feeding loose housed sows
  • Up to 12 sows per feeder and 60 sows per pen (5-6 feeders)
  • Simple controller per feeder - no transponder or computer required
  • Provides average daily feed intake per sow against required feed
  • Developed 10 years ago in Spain with 80,000 sows in Europe using the system
  • Will be operational on an Australian farm by Summer 2016
  • Unique system - the only feeder on the market that provides a simple welfare solution, proven to reduce stress levels in sow groups
  • Ideal for large producers due to ease of management
ERRA EVOFEED - Automatic Pig Feeder - Available from Finrone Systems Limited

Current Opportunities

Finrone Systems Australia are currently seeking experienced sales reps in the Perth and Brisbane areas. If you have a background in sales and knowledge of the Agriculture and Construction sector, please send CVs to info@finronesystems.com.au