Case Study of GD Pork Project completed by Finrone Systems Australia featured on Australian Government’s, Finance for Australian Exporters

Finrone Systems Australia’s latest project in Western Australia with GD Pork has been featured as a case study for the Australian Government’s Finance for Australian Exporters department, Efic.

Efic GD Pork Finrone Systems Australia

Torben Sorensen, Managing Director at GD Pork features in the video along with Finrone Systems Australia’s experienced site team. The video captures aerial views of the buildings and internal rooms at the state-of-the-art pig farm during the last stages before completion.

GD Pork was founded in 2007 as a way to combine international expertise in pork production, with the clean and green environmental benefits of primary production in Western Australia.

Speaking to Efic, Torben said, “We decided to establish the business in Australia, given the huge opportunity that was available if we did things right.”

“These opportunities included the availability of quality land, large grain production and WA’s proximity to growing Asian markets.”

“We have invested heavily in our two farms, our production systems and our animals, and we’re very proud to say that our farms are recognised as being among the most modern and efficient in Australia.”

Around 75 per cent of GD Pork’s product is exported to Singapore, with this increasing demand driven by the high quality of the meat and the company’s rigorous focus on food chain security.

To find out more about the Australian Government’s, Finance for Australian Exporters department and the project completed by Finrone Systems Australia, click here.

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