New state-of-the-art sites in Western Australia expand pig producing capabilities for GD Pork

The sites situated south of Perth, WA, are the first houses of their kind to be built in Australia. Constructed from the ground up by Finrone Systems’ team of experts and local partner, Doolee Construction, the buildings utilise Finrone Systems’ unique insulated panelling system and equipment solutions.

Image of Torben Soerensen, Managing Director at GD Pork

Torben Soerensen is Managing Director at GD Pork who currently produce over 5.5% of all pork in WA. We talked to him about both projects that Finrone Systems Australia recently completed.

Why were you considering the project?

As part our our planned expansion to increase our pig production capabilities, GD Pork looked to our existing sites in WA. We had the scope there to build additional facilities. We knew exactly the kind of production setup we wanted and we looked to find a supplier that could provide this

At GD pork we really believe in producing high quality pork and using best practice systems in our production and management. Welfare is also of great importance to us as pig producers and we wanted buildings that offered excellent performance and welfare standards.

Why did you choose Finrone Systems Australia?

After speaking with various companies about our ideas, Finrone Systems were the one company that stood out because of their flexibility and willingness to accommodate what we required from the project. Their panel solution on their buildings was unique to Australia and knowing that it has been tried and tested for many years in Europe was reassuring.

Gordon Forbes was heavily involved in the early stages of the project along with Joe, their Sales Manager. They really understood our requirements and worked with us to tailor the proposed project to exactly what we needed and offered solutions and equipment that met our strict requirements. They also let us make decisions on equipment and ventilation solutions which really made them stand out. Sadly Gordon passed away in recent months but it is testament to Finrone Systems that they have followed his lead and fulfilled his vision for this project.

“My experience with Finrone Systems has been excellent. Their team are professional to work with and they have constructed buildings that we are very proud of. The materials used are high quality and we believe these buildings will still be providing excellent performance in many years to come.”

How has your experience with Finrone Systems Australia been?

I’ve found all the team at Finrone Systems very easy to work with. Russell, Gordon’s son is now based in Australia and he has been involved heavily in our project. Their expertise really shows and they have made what we thought might be a complicated project very straight forward. Communication throughout the project has been excellent and very reassuring as we’ve known what is happening at every stage. Pricing is competitive and the quality of the product is second to none.

COncrete base work at the Western Australian site

What is it about about Finrone Systems Australia that has impressed you?

Two points about the company really stand out for me. The first is their dedication to their product and finding the right solution for the customer. During our decision making, Finrone Systems invited us to see farms in the United Kingdom which they had completed.

The second is the simplicity and quick time it takes to stand up a Finrone  building. Their knowledge about their product really shows and this is proved in the speed and quality of construction.

How is the new building going to improve your farm?

The new farrowing and gestation units at the Breeding site have increased our sow numbers to 2500. With our Grower site now offering accommodation for more than 8000 weaners and 7000 finishing pigs, we are going to see a large increase in our production which will allow us to supply more pork into the Australian market.

What are your future plans?

With our experience of Finrone Systems panel buildings and speed of construction, we plan to replicate this expansion in the future.

Project Snapshot

Breeding Site:

  • 360 farrowing places
  • 1800 dry sow and gestation places
  • 1200 place maiden guilt & grower building

Grower Site:

  • 8000 place weaner accommodation
  • 7000 place finisher accommodation

Arial view of the new GD Pork housing facility in Western Australia

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