Portable & Permanent Pig Housing
Built using only the highest quality equipment and materials, the range of pig housing from Finrone Systems Ltd includes the portable Portapig range and bespoke permanent builds.
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Portable & Permanent Pig Housing Portable & Permanent Pig Housing
Finrone Systems visits Danny Skinner's 2000 place portal frame finisher
Finrone Systems visits Danny Skinner in Inch, Scotland to see his completed 2000 pig place finisher house and to find out how the building is performing. To find out more about our portable and fixed pig buildings, contact us on +44 (0)28 7134 3495 or email info@finronesystems.com. Information is also available via our website at www.finronesystems.com
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Finrone Systems visits Danny Skinner's 2000 place portal frame finisher
Finrone 304 Store
The only lifetime storage solution, crafted in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, offering a durable, flexible and cost effective solution for farms of all sizes.
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Finrone 304 Store Finrone 304 Store
Precision Engineering & Fabrication
Our new extended range of services includes high precision laser & plasma cutting, press brake folding, guillotine cutting, sheet and channel rolling, metal punching and more...
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Precision Engineering & Fabrication Precision Engineering & Fabrication

Finrone Systems
Building Solutions in Agriculture

Finrone Systems Limited has over 25 years’ experience in the agricultural industry, specialising in the construction of pig farms and buildings, supply of livestock equipment and slurry storage & equipment solutions. We also offer a comprehensive engineering service including laser and plasma cutting, catering to manufacturing companies and bespoke designed projects which our CAD design team work with clients to create.

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Pig Housing

View our bespoke range of pig housing for farrowing through to finisher in both portable and permanent options.

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Livestock Equipment

View our extensive range of livestock equipment available for pigs, sheep, calves, and poultry.

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Agricultural Builds

View our turnkey agricultural builds, including portal frame builds, refurbishment projects, GRP roofing, cladding and bonded wall panels.

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Slurry & Storage Solutions

View our stainless steel storage solutions including the 304 and 316 grade stores, separators, mixers and other slurry equipment.

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See our latest drone footage from our recently completed project in Western Australia for GD Pork

Our latest video includes drone footage taken at our biggest project yet. Completed in late 2017 for GD Pork in Western...

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Products in Use

Evofeed automatic dry sow feeder – The simple and effective solution

The ERRA Evofeed is revolutionary - a system that does not rely on tags and is easy to setup and maintain. Utilising an intelligent light beam and maximising on pigs natural...

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Special Offers

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Groba Sow Doser

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Multi Drinking Cup

40% OFF - NOW £16.50 (ex VAT)

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Finrone Systems -Building & Engineering Solutions

  • “My decision on storage was simple where after visiting farms in Germany I saw stores that had been up for over 20 years. To my amazement, they were as good as new. After seeing these, the only option for me was to go for stainless steel due to the appearance and extended lifespan. It is a store that will see through my sons farming career.”

    Mr Peter May

    New Common Farm, East Yorkshire, UK

  • “I am very pleased with my Finrone 304Store, it has the whole package from residual value, strength, aesthetic appearance and being environmentally friendly. It is exactly the solution that I needed and it ticks all my requirements. It is a maintenance and corrosion free store which I would recommend to any farmer.”

    Mr John Rigby

    W. Rigby & Sons Ltd, Highfield Farm, Buxworth, UK

  • “Since we installed the Portapig Farrowing houses my mortality has fallen by over 8% resulting in my farm now producing over 800 extra pigs per year. This has been a huge financial boost to our farms profitability and has also given me confidence to invest further in new housing. It has helped show me how to achieve better results using new housing with a lower level of labour and management. I rank it as one of the best decisions taken for our farm yet.”

    Mr John Rigby

  • “Our farm has been using Portapig farrowing, nursery and grower buildings for almost 15 years. The main benefits I have found are excellent pig performance, our farm now achieves over 29 pigs per sow weaned and 28.55 pigs sold per sow per year. I am very confident that in the near future we will achieve over 30 pigs weaned per sow per year in our Portapig Farrowing Buildings. Our staffs enjoy working in the Portapig buildings with their easy to clean design creating a very hygienic environment.”

    Mr. Stuart Bosworth

  • “Five years ago we bought a 4x20 place Portapig farrowing house. These have proven to be an exceptional investment, we wean half a piglet extra per litter with +0.4kg extra weight per piglet at weaning compared to our old farrowing rooms. The houses are easy to pressure wash and are showing no signs of wear. Six months ago we bought three Portapig Duo weaner/grower buildings, housing 600 pigs per building from 7kg-40kg. Finrone also supplied a Weda multiphase feeding system and early trial work shows exceptional growth rates from pigs in these buildings. Over 6000 pigs have so far passed through these buildings with a mortality rate of only 0.3%.”

    David Owers, Limestone Farming Company, Lincolnshire

  • “After years away from pig farming I decided to move back into the pig sector. I was looking for a company that could provide me with a farrowing building that offers proven results and ease of management and Finrone Systems were my supplier of choice for these reasons. The 20 place Portapig units supplied by Finrone Systems provide a very hygienic environment to work in and they have also proved to be very easily managed with excellent performance on weaner pigs. The Finrone Portapig farrowing units have been an excellent investment for our farm and they would be my first choice for future development on our farm”

    Tom Bell, Lance Butts Farm, York

  • “We were looking for a new building to replace a straw yard and we looked at various companies but went with Finrone because they built the building that I wanted rather than the building company telling me what I should have. We had preferences and the Finrone building fitted the bill that we required. The biggest improvement is on the growth of the pigs, they are growing a lot faster than they were before. We’re spending a lot less time shifting pigs, mucking pigs and the saving in time has been a big advantage. The pigs are looking better and it’s all been a plus.”

    Danny Skinner, Inch, Scotland - 2000 Place Portal Frame Finisher